Powering Progress

PSEG’s Powering Progress vision for the future calls on us to:

  • Help our customers use less energy;
  • Ensure that the energy they do use is cleaner; and
  • Deliver that energy as reliably as ever.

In addition to providing a road map for a sustainable business, the Powering Progress vision offers a framework for fighting climate change.

Climate change represents one of the pre-eminent challenges of our time. As New Jersey’s largest energy provider, we play an important part in mitigating the potential impacts of a warming climate.

Here’s how we’re putting our Powering Progress vision into practice:

Using Less Energy

In 2018, PSE&G proposed its Clean Energy Future program, which is designed to help New Jersey achieve its clean energy and climate goals. Its centerpiece is an energy efficiency program that can help every residential and business customer reduce their energy consumption, shrink their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills. On Sept. 23, the New Jersey BPU approved the energy efficiency program; read more about energy efficiency here.

Using Cleaner Energy

For well over a decade, PSEG Power has had one of the lowest carbon emissions intensity rates, 50% less than the national average, thanks in large part to the nuclear plants in South Jersey that account for more than 90% of New Jersey’s carbon-free energy. In 2021, PSEG announced its vision to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, including scope 1 and 2 emissions across its utility operations and the transition to nearly 100% carbon-free power generation.

Reliability and Resiliency

PSEG’s electric and gas infrastructure are the foundation for one of the most reliable, resilient utilities in the nation. We continue to invest in infrastructure to ensure that our energy network remains effective. PSEG’s Gas System Modernization Program, for example, reduces methane emissions by replacing aging cast-iron and steel pipes with more durable plastic. Our Energy Strong program increases resiliency by raising critical electric and gas infrastructure to prevent disruptions during extreme weather. Our transmission investments maintain reliability and enhance the resiliency of the electric grid.


As New Jersey’s largest energy utility, we play an important part in mitigating the potential impacts of a changing climate. PSEG is committed to an energy future that is based on helping customers use less energy and reducing our collective impact on the environment. PSEG is dedicated to its leadership role in decarbonizing our economy and transitioning to a cleaner, more equitable and resilient energy system – as we have for several decades.